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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, people can change the world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

~Margaret Mead

The ADHD Awareness Book Project started with an idea…a desire to change how the world looked at and lived with ADHD. Not a small feat, right?  Yet, four years and four books later, we are making important strides toward our goals:  to provide people living with ADHD valuable strategies and tips to help them better succeed, and to increase the awareness of ADHD world-wide. All in an ADHD-friendly format!

ADHD is not a “defect of moral control”…

We have come a long way in our understanding of ADHD, considering that in 1902 symptoms consistent with ADHD were labeled a “morbid defect of moral control”!  And in the 30-plus years since 1980, when it was finally recognized as a ‘real’ mental health disorder, we have come to understand that ADHD is neither gender nor ethnic specific and is not something individuals outgrow.  In fact, more and more people are being diagnosed in their 60s and 70s – they are finally understanding why and how their brain works!

However, while changes are being made with the fact that ADHD is being recognized as a genuine and lifelong disorder, there has not been an adequate impact on either overall awareness or successful daily management of ADHD symptoms and challenges.

Too often in the last 10 years as an ADHD Coach, I have heard from people all over the world—parents, students and newly diagnosed adults—who are struggling all alone, not knowing that answers to their challenges are available.  Many have never heard the term ‘ADHD.’  They have had no idea that by learning to do things in ways that better fit with their ADHD brain style, they could succeed . . . at just about anything!

After 10 years of specializing in ADHD, and over 25 years working in mental health, the continued lack of awareness about ADHD, and the limited availability of resources, was no longer acceptable to me.  Frankly, I became tired.  Tired of knowing that individuals, from young children to adults in their 70s, were struggling alone with ADHD, unaware that there are answers, resources, hope and help out here.  I decided to be part of the solution, and I was not alone.

Believing in the power of community, as well as in the dedication of my colleagues in the ADHD community, I announced that I would be coordinating a book of tips and strategies for succeeding with ADHD, featuring as many ADHD experts as possible.  I invited all the ADHD professionals I knew, and asked them to invite ADHD professionals they knew, to participate in this project.

In the first ADHD Awareness Book Project, titled 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD, over 80 co-authors from a variety of professions and range of expertise responded to my request and submitted their answers to the question:  “What is the best tip or strategy you have to help someone with ADHD succeed?”

In the second and third editions, titled 365+1 Ways to Succeed with ADHD and More Ways to Succeed with ADHD, the ADHD Awareness Book Project expanded to incorporate contributing experts from all over the globe, including South Africa, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.  Our experts included ’junior experts,’ like eight-year-olds, and ‘senior experts,’ like 78-year-olds, sharing valuable tips and strategies to help people with ADHD succeed.

Then I realized… we could have all the strategies in the world to help us succeed, but they wouldn’t work unless we BELIEVED we could succeed.


So in this edition, there are your stories.

Included in these pages are tales to make us laugh when we lose the car keys for the fifth time, and stories to warm our hearts when our ADHD creates havoc in our relationship. The stories serve as examples that we are more than just our ADHD, and the only limitations are ones we place on ourselves.

They inspire, uplift, entertain and remind us that we are not alone in our hyperfocused, disorganized ADHD brain worlds!

How YOU are making a difference when you purchase this book

Whether this book is for you or for someone you care about, a portion of the sales of The ADHD Awareness Book Project:  Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD will be used to support three international ADHD organizations:

Want to learn more? Listen in on Laurie’s interview with Tara McGillicuddy of ADHD Support Talk Radio:


Thank you for being part of the solution and helping us to increase awareness of ADHD!

~ Laurie Dupar, Coachingforadhd.com 

Editor, Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD