How Parents Can Put an End to Major Meltdowns by Elaine Taylor-Klaus at ImpactADHD

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For years, my son was a tad-bit on the moody side. It was almost as if his moods were always simmering, and you never knew when the pot would escalate to a rapid boil! This is the same child who threw an all-out tantrum because we asked him to stop whining. A classic blame-thrower, he…

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Passion is the Path to Success by Dr. Billi Bittan


Ever heard the adage, “Follow your heart”? What that means is figuring out what you’re really passionate about and going after it. When you really love to do something, your motivation increases significantly, and so does your success. This is true for anyone, but particularly for people with ADHD. Not everyone is crystal clear about…

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Blown Out of Proportion! by Angelis Iglesias

man sitting on floor

You meet someone and there is attraction. It seemed like you talked for a few minutes, but hours passed. He asked for your number, and you did not hesitate because you think he might be boyfriend material. He calls. You go out and hit it off. He makes the most extravagant efforts to impress you,…

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The Truth Is You Are Not the Only Parent Concerned About Your Teens Lack of Social Skills by Carlene Bauwens

Upset Teenage Girl With Friends Gossiping In Background

Parents speak out on “what things are keeping them up at night regarding ADHD for their family.” “Will my daughter find people that can support her while she works on her social skills? Friends that can understand she can be inappropriate or come off as thoughtless. She just doesn’t have that awareness yet. “Can my…

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ADHD Paralysis and Getting Rid of Stuff: The Relationship I Couldn’t Let Go by Bonnie Mincu

Old Leather - Bonnie Mincu 2014

My den, the room where I spend most of non-working hours, has been held hostage for the last year by a hulking leather sofa-bed. But today I feel like I got my house back again. For 25 years, “Old Leather” had been a treasured piece of furniture, well built, over-sized, sinfully comfortable, the kind of…

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Relationships And Bee Stings by ADHD Couples Success

Group Of Friends Celebrating Birthday At Home

Suzie’s husband planned a long-awaited birthday party for his wife. Surrounded by friends and family, Suzie enjoyed great food and friends, the perfect day. As she was refilling her iced tea, disaster struck. A bee stung Suzie’s foot, and the painful sting caused her foot to swell. Her husband rushed her to a doctor for…

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