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How do I access the bonuses?

The bonuses were only available to those who purchased the book via the links on our website on October 2nd.  If you purchased the book on October 2nd and are having trouble accessing the bonuses. Please email Meg at support@coachingforadhd.com.

Why do I have to enter my email before I get directed to Amazon?

We really want you to have access to these amazing bonuses. We also know how easy it is to get distracted, interrupted or forget to follow through on getting the bonuses so we want to make sure that you receive the details on how to download these gifts. When you enter in your name and email address, you will automatically receive an email to remind you to take the next step! That way you don’t get lost!

Rest assured, your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone. As a special bonus, we will send you our monthly newsletter, ‘New Perspectives’ with information on ADHD that will continue to educate and inspire you to succeed with ADHD. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time (there is a link at the bottom of every email to do so).


If I just go directly to Amazon without going through the steps on the website, can I still get the bonuses?

No. To have access to the bonuses, you need to follow the steps outlined above and fill out the webforms. We really want to make sure you receive the bonuses so we have set up a system to remind you so you don’t miss out!


How long do I have to access the bonuses? Can I still download them after October 2nd?

You do have to buy the book on October 2nd, but you don’t have to download the bonuses that day. There is a lot of great information to download and review, so we will keep the Bonus Access Page accessible through October for ADHD Awareness month.

*However, we do need you to fill out those webforms on October 2nd so you complete the ordering process. That includes the ‘Get Your Bonuses’ button and webform. That will be turned off at 11:59pm PST on October 2nd and you won’t be able to complete the process after that time.

Do I have to buy the book on October 2nd to receive the bonuses?


This is a time limited opportunity. To get the bonuses offered by our amazing Contributors, you must buy Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD on October 2, 2014.

What if I have other questions?

My team is here to help! Simply email Meg at support@coachingforadhd.com and she will be happy to help you!